Suitable for salads or for cooking in the oven. A spherical, very compact, and tough fruit, with no empty spaces inside (box structure). Its average weight is about 100 g. The pulp is firm and the flavor is slightly acidic. Good capacity for storage both in a refrigerator and left on the plant. Harvesting can begin as soon as the colour of the fruit turns from green to red.
Cultivation: medium variety, it can be planted early in spring and summer. The development of the plant is indeterminate and requires a supporting structure.
Disease resistance: moderately resistant to insects and cryptogamic attacks.
Green pruning: this variety is very exuberant. After removing the axillary regrowth and the sterile buds, only one or two buds are grown.
Distance between transplantation: about 70 cm from row to row and 25 cm on the row.

Code: 061552


The fruits are flat-shaped and round, slightly ribbed, and with a dark green background colour which connects with a very clear crown that blends until the middle section of the fruit.