Parsley or Petroselinum sativum (petrosellinum Hortense) is an aromatic, herby plant belonging to the Apiacee (Umbelliferae) family, native to the Mediterranean. The plant, which grows well in temperate climates, has a biennial cycle. During its first year, it emits a rosette of leaves, while it flowers in the second. During the first year, if the leaves are cut, the plant has the ability to produce ever new ones that grow quickly. Parsley has aromatic properties that improve and brighten the flavor and aroma of other herbs and spices and also the food with which it is combined. The use of parsley in cuisine is widespread; it is used with meat and fish in almost all preparations. It is important to add it at the end of cooking to ensure that the aroma remains unaltered.


Parsley does not have great needs in terms of quality of the soil and grows in almost all conditions. Given its strong growth capacity, it is good to choose a large, deep container, with good drainage and a good quality potting soil in the case of cultivation in pot,. During cultivation, which can be effectuated almost throughout the entire year, the plant has to be regularly irrigated and fertilized with a soluble fertilizer every 15 days. To maintain fresh leaves, it is good to periodically cut all vegetation to a height of 5 cm, stimulating the plant to sprout new shoots.